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Sept 17th, 2014

Got a GTX 660 (with a 750W PSU) to replace the broken GPU. Installed it and tested on n0005. It is ~20% slower than a GTX 460 for the given small system but for 200 euros I shouldn't complain. While replacing the card, it became apparent that the problem with the old card is possibly a broken fan. So : placed the 660 on n0005, took the Quadro card out of n0001, placed the old GTX460 in n0001 with the broken fan removed and a chassis fan placed on top of the card :-D Will test it … → Surprisingly it looks OK, could run dgemm without problems for one hour. Start a simulation to see how it goes …

The current situation GPU-wise is thus :

n0001 -> GTX460 (but with improvised fan)
n0002 -> GTX460
n0003 -> GTX460
n0004 -> GTX460
n0005 -> GTX660
n0008 -> GTX260
n0009 -> GTX295
n0010 -> GTX570
Quadro K2000D waiting assignment ...
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