Submitting an MPI (parallel) job

If you already have a properly built and tested executable, submitting the job is a piece of cake.
For example, to submit a parallel Qs job, proceed as follows:

  • Prepare a submission script with a suitable name, eg. Qs.csh, containing the following (the -np 4 flag says that we want to use four cores for this job) :
#!/bin/tcsh -f
mpirun -np 4 Qs_MPI > LOG
  • If you estimate that your job will take less than an hour, submit it to the fast lane:
sbatch -p fast -N1 -n4 Qs.csh
  • If this is expected to be a really long job, join the queue:
sbatch -N1 -n4 Qs.csh

  • If you do not have an already built executable, you will have to seek help (because you will have to use mpicc to build it yourself).

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