Jun 27th, 2011

Again power failures, again nodes not responding to wake-on-LAN. Re-wired UPSs as follows :

UPS1 head node + switches + DAT tape
UPS2 n0001 + n0005
UPS3 n0002 + n0006
UPS4 n0003 + n0007
UPS5 n0004 + n0008 (sitting behind the cluster)
UPS6 n0009 (sitting to the left of i7)

Following the re-wiring, the UPSs (at full load) stabilized at ~80%. We'll see how this goes. Took the opportunity to clear the head nodes' CMOS and re-gain the two 'lost' cores. To wrap this whole UPS story up, I should have bought 700 VA APC units two years ago and not this 'green-friendly' nonsense …

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