Sep 10th, 2009

The attempt to re-build the array with the old disk failed. The complete set of logged error messages concerning the specific drive were:

   	Sep 09, 2009 08:49.40AM  	(0x04:0x003A): Drive power on reset detected: port=1
  	Sep 08, 2009 08:53.47PM 	(0x04:0x0002): Degraded unit: unit=0, port=1
  	Sep 08, 2009 05:47.29PM 	(0x04:0x000B): Rebuild started: unit=0
  	Sep 08, 2009 05:17.39PM 	(0x04:0x0042): Primary DCB read error occurred: port=1, error=0x208
  	Sep 06, 2009 05:13.06AM 	(0x04:0x0002): Degraded unit: unit=0, port=1
  	Sep 06, 2009 05:13.06AM 	(0x04:0x0023): Sector repair completed: port=1, LBA=0x38688186
  	Sep 06, 2009 12:10.09AM 	(0x04:0x0029): Verify started: unit=0

The drive was removed, replaced with a new one, and the array rebuilded without any problems. Current situation is:

0  	WDC WD5002ABYS-01B1B0  	465.76 GB  	WD-WCASY2089577  	02.03B02  	0  	OK  	
1 	WDC WD5002ABYS-02B1B0 	465.76 GB 	WD-WCASY6818600 	02.03B03 	0 	OK  <== new disk
2 	WDC WD5002ABYS-01B1B0 	465.76 GB 	WD-WCASY2078275 	02.03B02 	0 	OK 	
3 	WDC WD5002ABYS-01B1B0 	465.76 GB 	WD-WCASY2161066 	02.03B02 	0 	OK 	

Got the western digital's diagnostics and run the tests on the failed drive. The diagnostics do insist that the drive is OK (and we can not make use of the warranty). Keep running the tests …

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