Calculation of cosine content from principal components

The equation to calculate cosine content from pricipal components as it appears in several papers (for example Proteins, 2007, 67, 569) contains a typographical error. The correct version looks like this:

cont = \frac{2}{T} \frac{ ( \int_0^T \cos(i \pi t / T) q_i(t) dt )^2 }{ \int_0^T q^2_i(t) dt }

To apply this: copy & paste the perl script that follows in a suitably named file, make the file executable, and put it somewhere in your path.

Perl script to calculate cosine content from principal components

To use the script, you need the principal components as produced by carma (file carma.fluctuations.dat). Run the script with something like carma.fluctuations.dat 1

where '1' is the principal component for which you want to calculate the cosine content (numbering starts from 1, not from zero).

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